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The Debut EP

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Little Bird

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Kelly Grandmaison

Singer/ Songwriter/ Actress


Thank you for checking out my website. My name is Kelly Grandmaison. I'm a singer, songwriter, actress, martial artist, and I pride myself in knowing far too many terrible jokes. I studied martial arts for 9 years and got my blackbelt in Red Dragon Karate before studying XMA and stage combat. I studied musical theatre at Citrus College, and was a part of the Citrus Singers program for 3 years. In the program, I was lucky enough to tour Germany, the Czech Republic, The Philippines, China and I made my off- broadway debut. After getting my AA in sociology and performing arts, I moved on to get my BA in psychology and wrote, produced and recorded my EP "Little Bird". I study at AMAW, write plays and music, and regularly coach actors in auditions. 

If you would like to know more about me, please reach out! It would be an honor to meet you.

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